I found a police report along the road, they left it there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Mitchell, a 15 year old, dutch guy, just walking here. I am typing this on my smartphone, by the way. I'll give you a little report of how my day went, and what is in the police report. So today, it's a Sunday. Beautiful day, a lot, and I mean a lot of sun, and 20 degrees Celsius. Nice, right? So I am strolling along, a nice little jog in the morning is always great, and find a police report. I will not go into full detail of the report, but this is what I could translate from Dutch to English.


INVESTIGATOR: DORIS ------- (No last names will be mentioned)

Day #1 12:32:45.

 An anonymous male came in today, saying he found a dead woman. He was right. She remains unidentified for now, so we'll call the case another Jane Doe. As far as we know she got killed by gunshots to the legs, resulting to her bleeding out.

Day #2 15:22:09

 We found the weapon of use today, a standard .9 MM pistol. Ouch, the bleeding must have took long. (Note: The rest was rants about how the investigator felt sorry for the woman.)

Day #3 09:58:00

 Well, "Jane" got identified today, her real name is Christine ---------- (No last names, again)

Day #4 03:49:11 

The hell? Someone came to my tent at ground zero today, saying he needed help. Same anon as at the station, earlier this week. He gave me a vague explanation: They're onto me... What does he mean? Ah well, I guess I'll never know!

Day #5 (time is unclear, badly written)

Shit! He is the person that did this! He shot me! I do not know what to do.

Fuck! He's going for a stroll! What the... Ga-ah, my legs!! This is my last report, goodbye...



I took it to the Police department, they found me familiar...

Christine... She was beautiful... I-I'm so sorry Christine... Please forgive me for what I had to do.